iPhone wannabe blackberry

Last evening I had a chance to get my hands on BlackBerry storm and instead of getting blown away I was just puzzled and wondered what the hype all about was. In single line I feel blackberry storm is like a person caught between split personalities from within.

Considering that the market is really heating up with technology giants trying to compete with the iphone, it’s hard to overstate how important the BlackBerry Storm is to RIM. It’s RIM’s bold effort to fend off the iPhone…

It’s good —RIM clearly put a lot of thought into this design. But I think it falls short of what they were aiming for, and ultimately what all the hype is driving people to expect.

It’s well established by now that “touchscreen” is the code for ‘iPhone competitor’. You’ll see that in terms of hardware, the Storm is much more competitive with the iPhone than the underwhelming and overpromising G1 (google phone).

It feels surprisingly heavy … It feels thick, too, thicker than it actually is, because of its squarish shape … On the other hand though, all this substance also makes the Storm feel really robust … It has sleek and very well sized contours. I may sound confused myself but yes that’s true. Storm has this capacity to confuse people with its first impression.

Interface of Storm breaks away from all of blackberry’s previous releases. Though the usability is still not at par with the iphone, it’s the best attempt done in that regard. No Wi-Fi is a huge negative. That’s the major area where iPhone has an advantage, although BlackBerry smartphones are typically aimed at enterprise users, who primarily use their smartphones for e-mail — so they may not mind. Still, quite a big omission from a handset that features a web browser and multimedia capabilities virtually identical to the iPhone.

I feel the Storm needed a little bit longer in the oven — it still feels a bit half baked. It just lags all over the place in performance, which is a sin with a touch-based UI where response time holds the key to overall experience. It really needs to be more stable. I guess it won’t be long before there’s a software update, it needs one badly. G1, I have heard scores very well on that aspect.

Overall, the Storm appears to attempt to strike a balance between “business” and “casual,” allowing serious enterprise users to take a breather every once and a while and watch a video, for example. However, it would be interesting to see whether enterprise users will appreciate the lack of a physical QWERTY keyboard and that all famous roller. That would be the most important feature these high-fliers will miss. That has actually made a huge difference between using a smart phone and the smartest business phone – blackberry.
So, to conclude: Storm neither threatens to dethrone the iphone nor has the capability to force all blackberry users to upgrade. Young entry users in to enterprise usage would have a very good option though.

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