>Slumdog v/s millionaire

>After a long time I saw something extraordinary. Not only picture perfect in terms of storyline but also the execution was impeccable. Every frame, every move, every character was well thought of. This may be because Danny Boyle did not have any big wigs of Bollywood to please by giving them more screen space than others. Movie, getting its well deserved accolades and praise could be a surprise for all associated with the film but not to it’s viewers who I think, would agree that they knew it as soon as the first half was over.

What followed after that was a shame. Everyone was ready to give their opinion about the film. Some called it “The underbelly of the third world”. Some called it “Wrong image of India”. I just have few things to say to this. We are all used to living in that dream world created by few cash rich producers of Bollywood who make glorified wedding videos. These families never have to work; they all live in palatial houses, always wear picture perfect make-up and dress like ramp models or cocktail party attendees. It’s like landing in Mumbai with eyes closed till u come out from the aircraft. They just make us believe that that’s India. It doesn’t take too much to just get to know the real India. So what’s wrong in showing the reality?

Let’s accept that we have this Slumdog v/s Millionaire situation in India or for that matter in all developing countries. Towers are growing higher and their shadows are covering the darkness that is growing deeper and deeper.

Yes, Bollywood should be shameful about this film. But not because of what’s shown in the film, but because it took somebody from UK to pick up a novel written by an Indian, come to India; hire an Indian co-director and an entire Indian cast to create a masterpiece which Bollywood can only criticize.

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  1. Pooja Reply

    >I dont think this post is too old to comment on. So here i go…What you have written is just perfect and true. Our producers or for that matter our citizens can just criticize. But just to add to your words, can we all not do sumthing to change the slumdogs to millionaire.. or atleast ourselves be pure at heart and not do bad to someone if we cant do good. Can we not bring back the status of the Golden Bird to our mother again..???

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