Hello! My name is Amol

I am an entrepreneur from a design background who circled back 180º in his life to his long lost passion for painting. I graduated from design school (BFA), and then curiosity led me to pursue Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to explore the world of user experience. Originally from Mumbai, India, my pursuits led me to Dubai – the land of dreams, in 2005, where I indulged further within the design realm by creating products, working on furniture design and interior design, and across to the digital space of designing websites, mobile applications and services.

Fundamentally, the foundation of all my work is rooted in the balancing of shape and lines with colour, texture and ambience. Coming from a culturally spiritual country, I’ve evolved to find peace in creating meditative and encapsulating works of art which allow the human mind to dissolve within dynamic dimensions and explore relationships between colours, lines, strokes and textures.

Sometimes I feel like I seem to have untapped the power of colours to explore & help draw the symmetry between human emotions and their mystic connection to our everyday world of monotonousness. 

Well, like most enthusiasts, yes, I’ve dabbled in realistic sketches, portraits and landscapes, yet, I honestly cannot seem to recollect how and when this “balance” started to flow into an abstraction of expression. For the sake of argument (and to tame my mind from wandering), I simply credit that to experience and age 😊 

Once the tools are in order, I’ve noticed more and more how a novel dimension of my subconscious seems to over-power my state of being, subtly flowing on the canvas with streaks of sentiments. 

The art of self-expression seems to be a conundrum in itself – because it helps the observer discover their own dimensions, much discerned from the creator of the piece, thus evoking a range of emotions across several different observers itself.

You see, meditation can have so many different meanings, and this is how I discovered mine