Summer Forest

Size: 80 x 100 CM
Medium: Pumice and Acrylic on Canvas
Year Created: 2019

The greenery that forrest commands is enhanced by the tinge of yellow leaves that slowly starts. Growing up in India, I have seen how the summer brings this yellow dryness to the lush green forrest. Using Pumice texture and the sand this texture pops out of the canvas. Ideal for living rooms, sitting areas, offices or any trendy contemporary interiors.

  • Original Abstract painting on canvas
  • High-quality artist grade acrylic colors and mediums are used
  • Ready to hang (painted edges and framed in L frame)
  • The certificate of authenticity will be shipped with the Artwork
  • My paintings are securely packaged, insured and shipped through a reputable courier to ensure they reach you safely.

Materials used:
Acrylic on canvas and pumice

Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary Abstract Artwork, Modern Abstract Painting, Acrylic Painting, Pumice Painting